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We're Celebrating Dad!

Looking for a unique Father’s Day gift from the kids? Why not try this simple DIY Father’s Day craft that makes a unique homemade gift and memorable keepsake! And not only is this brightly coloured Father’s Day gift cute and adorable...but most importantly for Dads, it's useful too!



Follow the simple instructions below to make that special Dad in your lives a colourful clay bowl. Strong and durable, this bowl can be used for just about anything including the car keys!!  


This art project does need the use of an oven, so parental supervision for younger ones is required.

 What you’ll need

  • Polymer clay in assorted colours
  • Roller
  • Large heart shaped cookie cutter
  • Oven proof bowl



1. Using small pieces of colourful polymer clay, gather them together to make a ball, about the size of golf ball.

2. Roll the clay out flat so it’s about 2mm thick.
3. Cut out a heart shape using a large cookie cutter then place the clay in a small oven proof bowl so the edges of the heart are turned up slightly to give it a bowl shape.
4. Bake it in the oven according to the polymer clay instructions.
5. Let cool once out of the oven and presto…you have a beautiful bowl for Dad that’s as unique as the kids! 


Remember to take a picture of your bowl and send it in to us and we'll put it on our Gallery page!

Happy Father's Day!

- From the Pip & Vix Team


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