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How to Create your Own 'Footprint in the Sand' Painting!

This is a great relaxing way to spend some art fun time with the kids…but it can be a little messy, so you might want to do this project outside!


 For this project you’ll need:

  •  canvas board
  • blue, white, tan coloured acrylic paint
  • paint palette, a disposable plate will do
  • paint brushes
  • piece of cardboard, a cereal box will do
  • water cup
  • Newsprint to cover the table and floor (if you’re inside)

Now you’re ready to create a painting of a sandy beach, water and your child’s foot print on top! This painting is a memorable keepsake you’ll treasure forever!


1. Start by painting the water on the canvas board with the white paint, covering about 1/3 of the board.

2. Blend a little blue paint on top of the white so it streaks together and looks like small ripples of water.


3. Paint the sand on the rest of the board. If you have any real sand, you can sprinkle some on the wet paint and it will stick giving it a realistic look and a lot of texture.


4. Using a brush, dab on some white paint to create bubbles of foam where the water washes up on the sandy beach. 


5. Now…here comes the fun part! You’re going to have your child step in the paint!! (They love this part!) Flatten a piece of cardboard and place it on the newsprint on the ground. Using a large brush paint a thin layer on the cardboard, then have your child step in it with their bare foot. Now carefully have your young artist step on the painting, leaving their footprint on the canvas. Wash and dry their foot with paper towel. Now, do the other foot. Remember to make sure their feet are really clean before going in the house!!


What do you think? You now have a one of a kind painting of your child’s footprint on the beach! Send us photos of your child's artwork and we'll be sure to include it in our Young Artists' Gallery on our website.


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Philippa Glossop, B.F.A, M.Ed, is an artist, art advocate and educator who has been teaching visual art to children for over twenty years. She teaches in a number of school districts, art galleries, community art centers, and from her own art studio. Philippa’s passion is creating innovative art kits to stimulate and encourage kids of all ages to explore and develop their creative thinking and expression. More about Philippa


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