Introducing Pip & Vix Art Kits for Kids!

We’d like to introduce ourselves…we’re Philippa & Victoria (aka "Pip" & "Vix") – founders of Pip & Vix Art Kits for Kids. As busy Moms ourselves, we know how important it is to carve out quality family time. That’s why we’ve created our inspiring subscription based art boxes for kids of all ages, delivered monthly. No more searching for fun kid-friendly projects or last minute dashes to the store for missing art supplies! Everything you need to complete one of our innovative art kits is inside the box, so you spend more time having creative fun with the kids! What’s inside our art kits? Take a Sneak Peek and see for yourself!




We’re passionate about encouraging creativity and believe in the benefits for children’s development from pre-schoolers right up to the teenage years and beyond. That’s why we have a comprehensive new art lesson in each box every month! Through creating and exploring with our art boxes, kids will not only have loads of hands on fun discovering different artists, genres and techniques, but even more importantly will learn to:


  • become independent thinkers
  • imaginative problem solvers
  • build self confidence
  • develop critical thinking skills

Learn more about the benefits of art and creativity on the development of children’s growing minds on our Blog. Each month we’ll be posting articles, tips & resources for raising creative kids. Check out our first post 5 Tips to Encourage Your Child's Creativity.  


And don’t forget, we love hearing from our creative community, so feel free to share your thoughts and photos on our social media communities on how you encourage your kids to be more creative, engage their passions and spark their imagination using #creativekids, #pipandvixartkits, #pipandvixartists.


Happy Creating!



Pip & Vix


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