Safety First...What you need to know about your kids art supplies!


Tips for Worry Free Art Supplies! 


I LOVE shopping for art supplies! It’s so exciting looking at the endless variety of paints, pencils, markers, pastels and clay products and imagining all the amazing art lessons and fun projects to do with my students. And it’s easy to get swept away buying new products I haven’t experimented with yet, BUT it can also be a bit daunting!

So what makes me choose some products over others? Well my number one consideration when purchasing art materials is not the quality, how new the product is or even the price! It’s SAFETY…how safe the product is for my students. Nothing comes into my studio unless it’s marked with a specific code that lets me know it’s safe for my students to use.

Every product I buy has the Arts and Crafts Materials Institute Approved Product Seal on the packaging. This tells me that the product has been evaluated by a qualified toxicologist for anything harmful. Products that have this seal are non-toxic and can be used with children. Have a look at your supplies…if you can’t find this seal, read the labels carefully. If you have any doubts, don’t use the product until you're sure there are no harmful ingredients. Then you can be sure to have some good creative quality time with the kids!

Looking for ways to encourage your child's creativity while having hands on fun?

If you’re looking for a creative gift, check us out!  We offer innovative art boxes for kids of all ages, delivered monthly! Each kit comes with:

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  • Instruction guide - easy step by step guide, with color photos.
  • Fun fact sheet - learn a little about a new artist, technique & genre each month.
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Philippa Glossop, B.F.A, M.Ed, is an artist, art advocate and educator who has been teaching visual art to children for over twenty years. She teaches in a number of school districts, art galleries, community art centers, and from her own art studio. Philippa’s passion is creating innovative art kits to stimulate and encourage kids of all ages to explore and develop their creative thinking and expression. More about Philippa 








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