Top 4 Reasons your Child Should Play with Clay

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As busy parents, we’re always looking for different ways to get creative with our young kids…but not too many of us will think about clay! Far from being difficult to use, clay can be a very motivating medium for small children to work with and has a whole host of benefits for your child. Here are our Top 4 reasons why working with clay is so beneficial for kids.


1. Develops Fine Motor Skills - as children grow, they learn to use the smaller muscles found in the hands, fingers and wrists that require dexterity and co-ordination. These are important skills as they are used when children are holding a pencil or cutting with scissors. Working with clay improves fine motor skills as they roll, mold and form the clay.


2. Stimulates Creative Learning - Clay is a wonderful medium for young children as it’s a play based learning activity. It stimulates their problem solving abilities & critical thinking skills as they make decisions around what they’re going to make and how they’re going to manipulate and form the clay…with their project coming to life as they work. And they’re having so much fun they don’t even realize they’re learning too!
3. Enhances the imagination – Children love to place themselves in imaginary stories where they can play a main role it how it develops. Creating with clay can bring their imagination to life. Whether they are creating a castle, pirate ship or modelling characters clay is a very forgiving medium to play with. It allows the child to make, modify or re-make their artwork with ease.
4. It's Relaxing & Therapeutic - With our hectic schedules, it’s good to have some downtime with the kids. For both adults and kids alike, rolling, shaping and molding clay is very relaxing. It can help to alleviate stress and is a good outlet for kids to let out some of their physical expressions.
Clay is a wonderful art medium for children to discover and develop their creative learning skills and stimulate their imagination…while to kids it’s just loads of hands-on fun! Pip & Vix offer some unique clay based art kits for different ages.


From our Little Picassos Collection (3-6 years) kids create beautiful homemade Holiday Ornaments or for a wonderful keepsake try the Clay Hand Bowl where kids make a bowl in the shape of their small hands.
From our Budding Monets’ Collection (7-12 years) growing artists create colourful Clay Beaded Bracelets and from our Aspiring Van Goghs Collection older artists can create Heart Shaped Necklaces.


No matter what you decide to do, have lots of hands on fun and get that special quality time with your kids. Happy creating!



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Artist Philippa GlossopPhilippa Glossop, B.F.A, M.Ed, is an artist, art advocate and educator who has been teaching visual art to children for over twenty years. She teaches in a number of school districts, art galleries, community art centers, and from her own art studio. Philippa’s passion is creating innovative art kits to stimulate and encourage kids of all ages to explore and develop their creative thinking and expression. More about Philippa

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