Our Story


I first thought of the idea for Pip & Vix Art Kits a number of years ago, but at the time was busy raising two boys and working as an art teacher in a K-12 school. I put the idea aside, telling myself that someday down the road I would give the business a try. It wasn’t until recently that the idea surfaced again after moving to Vancouver, BC for my husband’s work.  The move allowed me to open my own art school for children and the time to pursue and develop the idea of creating a series of innovative art kits for kids. Designed to be fun and educational, I wanted each kit to reflect the way I would teach in my own studio. I wanted my philosophy to guide each project with ample room for the child to experiment, explore, improvise and problem solve. My vision for my business was clear – but there was one problem, I needed a partner.


I called my sister in Montreal, QC and asked if she would like to join me on this adventure. After all she is a mother, loves art, enjoys working with children, we share the same philosophy & approach and……. she just so happens to be a marketing guru! After a full year of meetings, we are now ready to launch Pip & Vix Art Kits for Kids with six art kits with more to come each month!

We’re proud to showcase our brand new website where you’ll find descriptions of all our available kits, a blog, a gallery for kids to show off their incredible works of art, as well as loads of information on child development and the visual arts.  



Philippa is an artist, art advocate and educator who has been teaching visual art to children for over twenty years. She teaches in a number of different school districts, art galleries, community art centers, and from her own art studio. She volunteers her time with special needs groups, teaching art to students with autism. When she is not working with students, she has fun developing art project ideas and sourcing new materials. Philippa has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Queen’s University and a Masters of Education from Thompson Rivers University, focusing on creativity. She lives in Maple Ridge, BC with her husband, two sons and Hershey the dog.


Victoria grew up in an artistic household filled with art and music, developing a strong passion for creativity. She channelled her creativity into the area of writing and content marketing in the health and wellness industry. As a dedicated parent of two children, her love of art combined with her marketing skills and experience, Victoria is dedicated to promoting Pip & Vix Art Kits for Kids Inc. to parents of children looking to develop and nurture their children’s creativity through art. Victoria lives in Montreal, Canada with her husband, 2 kids and their labrador Echo.