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This month we're painting Sunset Silhouettes!

If your teen loves exploring different painting techniques and styles, this is the art kit for them! As they create their beautiful sunset silhouette, they’ll learn how to paint an ombre (meaning shaded in French) by blending their sunset colours from dark to light. They’ll practice their tree shape, learning about bifurcation along the way, and then paint their own tree onto their sunset, creating a brilliant image! As your growing artists are busy creating, they’ll also be learning; how to make a strong composition, different brush stroke techniques, and some colour theory too!

Inside your kit you'll find:

Creative Art Supplies: This art box comes loaded with high quality art materials and has everything your growing artist needs to experiment  including; canvas boards, paint, brushes, roller, sketching paper and more!


Instruction Guide: Easy to follow step-by-step instruction guide with color photos & technique tips, to ensure your teen has lots of easy, hands on creative fun!


Fun Fact Sheet: There’s a themed based art lesson in every box! Designed specifically for the older age group, your teen will learn about different genres, artists and techniques, while experiencing the magic of creating their very own work of art! 


Subscription Option: At Pip & Vix Art Kits we want to make things easy for the busy parent! That’s why we’re offering the option to buy a single art kit, or sign up for a subscription where the art fun keeps coming, delivered monthly! We offer up a new and fun art box every month, exploring different themes and techniques - always educational and loaded up with hands on, creative fun! Simply choose your preference during checkout.

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        Silk Ink Art


        “I like this project because it’s special. You have to do it in two parts and take your time. I like putting detail in my work and I like lots of colour. It’s a bit tricky painting on the silk but I liked it. I hung my hoop in my window, I really like it.”

        - Sandra (14 years), Silk Ink Art


        “Oh my gosh, this is really cool. The ink spreads then stops at the white line (resist line). You can layer the inks and put salt on top. Draw big it’s easier. I gave mine to my Auntie as a gift. I would use Pip and Vix Kits again.”

        - Amy (14 years), Silk Ink Art


        “I liked doing this painting but it took some time. I learned about Impressionism and then made my own painting. I didn’t use the pictures in the box, I had other ideas. I like being creative so it wasn’t hard. I would tell people to try Pip and Vix.”

        - Evangeline (15 Years) , Impressionistic Painting

              Why buy an art kit for my teen?


              Ask any teenager why they like to create art and they’ll tell you that it’s all about self-expression! Most teenagers like to create art, but what they don’t know is that creating art is very good for developing creative problem-solving skills. Pip & Vix Art Kits are designed to be fun and inspirational, as well as thought provoking. These kits teach traditional and new artistic techniques, while introducing different artists from around the world. Shhh…you don’t have to tell them the kits encourage critical thinking; they’ll be having too much fun to notice!