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Cool Watercolour Resist Painting! 

This month we’re featuring a Watercolour Pastel Resist! This cool painting project encourages little ones to explore the effects of mixing watercolour paints with a pastel resist, all while having a blast creating their own unique work of art. Using a combination of colourful watercolour paints, pencil crayons and pastels, kids will discover just how cool the effects of mixing water and oil based art mediums can be!


Inside this kit you'll find:

Creative Art Supplies:

This art box comes loaded with high quality art materials and has everything you need including; watercolour paper, camel hair brushes, watercolour paint & pencil crayons and more!


Instruction Guide: Easy to follow, step-by-step instruction guide with color photos and technique tips, to ensure you and your little artist have lots of easy, hands on creative fun!


Fun Fact Sheet: There’s a themed based art lesson in every box! Designed specifically for this age group, your child will learn about different artists and genres, while experiencing the magic of creating their very own masterpiece!


Subscription Option: At Pip & Vix Art Kits we want to make things easy for the busy parent! That’s why we’re offering the option to buy a single art kit, or sign up for a subscription where the art fun keeps coming - delivered monthly! Each month we offer up a new and fun art box exploring different themes and techniques; always educational and loaded up with hands on, creative fun! Simply choose your preference during checkout.


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        Fun With Sand Art


          “I like the sand art. I like the pink colour the best. I made three art bottles, it was fun.” - Kaitlyn (4 years), Fun with Sand Art


        “I want to pour it out, so I can do it again, I like it.”

        - Lyla (6 years), Fun with Sand Art


         "My daughter loved making these pretty sand bottles and she did them independently! The kit included so many pretty sand colours in easy to use bottles, so no help from parents was needed! Absolutely beautiful!" - Deborah (Mom to Ella 7 years), Fun with Sand Art


        “I love Pip and Vix boxes because they are fun. I like the sand can I please have another box?” - Amelia (4 years), Fun with Sand Art


        “I like painting, I like watching the watercolour staying away from the pastel. I like to layer paint.”  - Daniel (6 years), Watercolor Resist


        “Daniel really enjoyed opening the box, excited to see what was inside. He loves to paint and everything he needed to complete the project was there. I would try another kit without hesitation.” - Margaret (Daniel’s Mom)


              Why buy an art kit for my young artist?


              Young children learn rapidly between the ages of three and six years. In fact, they learn more quickly at this stage of their lives than any other! They like to learn by playing, exploring, experimenting and understanding cause and effect. Pip & Vix Art Kits are here to support that creative learning by providing art materials that are fun to use, with unique art ideas that inspire! Your young artist will develop independent thinking skills, enabling them to make decisions about their art work - from what colour paint to use, to what shape their sculpture will be…all while enjoying loads of hands on fun!