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Wintery Folk Art!

This month kids will discover the art techniques of some home grown Canadian Folk Art, while learning about artist Maud Lewis. This painting kit is jam packed with all kinds of cool things to learn like colour theory, architectural drawing and new brush stroke techniques. They’ll even learn how to use a sponge to create textured snow, all while illustrating their favorite snow scene!

Inside this kit you’ll find:

Creative Art Supplies:

This art box comes fully loaded with high quality art materials and has everything you need including; assorted colours of paint, brushes, sea sponge, display easel and more!


Instruction Guide: Easy to follow, step-by-step instruction guide with color photos & technique tips, to ensure your growing artist has lots of easy, hands on creative fun!


Fun Fact Sheet: There’s a themed based art lesson in every box! Designed specifically for this age group, your child will learn about different genres, artists and techniques, while experiencing the magic of creating their very own work of art!


Subscription Option: At Pip & Vix Art Kits we want to make things easy for the busy parent! That’s why we’re offering the option to buy a single art kit, or sign up for a subscription where the art fun keeps coming - delivered monthly! We offer up a new and fun art box each month, exploring different themes and techniques - always educational and loaded up with hands on, creative fun! Simply choose your preference during checkout.

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        Venetian Mask Making



        “I liked making my mask, it’s a little messy but really fun! I painted mine purple and there were lots of things to decorate it with. I didn’t want to wait while the glue dried, I wanted to wear it.”

        - Katherine (9 years), Venetian Mask Making


        “I made a full mask like a Japanese warrior. I painted it red and black. I left the eyes open so I could wear it. It was fun. I let it dry now it is hanging on my wall.”

        - Steven (9 years), Venetian Mask Making


        “I made mine really well. It turned out great. I put lots of crayon on the sandpaper so lots ironed on to my T-shirt. The red colour did not work as well as the others but still it’s good. I wear it lots.”

        - Billy (10 Years), Sandpaper Tee


        “Billy is pretty particular about her work and she was unsure of this project, but wanted to try it. She followed the instructions and I helped her iron the crayon on. She really enjoyed creating her own design. Thanks Pip and Vix.

        - Andrea (Billy’s mother)

              Why buy an art kit for my growing artist? 

              The growing artist is always ready to learn more about how artists from around the world create their art. They are eager to understand how things work and the processes behind the finished piece. Pip & Vix Art Kits provide an opportunity to encourage children to learn a new technique they can try out for themselves! Further developing their creative thinking skills, these art kits provide a perfect blend of learning with tons of fun!