Young Artists' Gallery

We're proud to showcase some of our young artists' work, so feel free to browse our gallery. We do our best to show off as many as possible. If your young artist wants to display their Masterpiece, please share on social media or feel free to email us.


Getting creative with Winter Wonderland Art Kit Painting with Winter Wonderland Art Kit
Busy creating with the Winter Wonderland Art Kit!  Layering paint colours for a unique work of art! March Break Fun, 2018!

Venetian Mask, Lauren Age 9

Canvas Bag, Bella Age 9 Watercolor Resist, Rose Age 5
Acrylic Painting for kids
Winter Wonderland, Nael Age 9 African Silk Hoop, Alicia 14 Sand Art, Lyla Age 6

Mandala Pattern on Silk Hoop, Jane Age 15

 Impressionistic Painting,      Jessica Age 14

Winter Wonderland, Ines  Age 9
Sand Art, Ella Age 7 Clay Holiday Ornaments, Jacob 5  Watercolour Resist, Sam Age 3
Pointillism Heart, Lindsay Age 13 Sandpaper Tee, David Age 8 Venetian Mask, Julia Age 7
Watercolor Resist, Ava Age 5