Our Approach

Every child is unique with different learning styles and learning rates. At Pip and Vix Art Kits for Kids, our main approach is to create a positive learning environment which is fun and engaging for ALL levels of learners. Our kits are designed to provide comprehensive lesson plans where our top priority is to provide an opportunity for FUN experiences that encourage exploration, discovery, creativity and problem solving - leaving the kids (we hope!) asking for more.

 We believe in offering learners as many choices as possible when working with their art materials, so they have various options to choose from when solving design problems. Whether it’s a question of what colour to use, how to create a strong composition or how to draw a picture, the tools and supplies are there for them to use to solve the problem in their own unique way. This is how masterpieces are born!


In addition to promoting strong problem solving abilities, creating visual art at a young age promotes neural connections (using all the senses) and important fine motor skills. This culminates in a more confident student that is less afraid of making a mistake and more open to trying new things, just to see what happens, building self-esteem and confidence along the way.


Pip and Vix Art Kits for Kids has a strong art educational approach to designing
the age appropriate lessons for each art box. They’re chock full of art materials that can be used in so many different ways. The instruction guides are there for the students to learn new techniques and processes, but how the project develops is up to the child allowing for creative spontaneity and self-expression.


Try a Pip and Vix Art Kit today and see how your child’s creativity takes flight!