What our young artists are saying!

Little Picassos 3-6

Fun with Sand Art

Watercolor Resist Painting

"I like the sand art. I like the pink colour the best. I made three art bottles, it was fun.”

 - Kaitlyn 4 yrs.

“I like painting; I like watching the watercolour staying away from the pastel. I like to layer paint.” - Daniel 6 yrs.

 “What a fun art kit! Although it was for Kaitlyn primarily, all my kids took an interest, even my eldest boy who is 14! The kit came with plenty of materials so we could do even more if we wanted to.” - Lisa (Mom of Kaitlyn 4 yrs.)

 “Daniel really enjoyed opening the box, excited to see what was inside. He loves to paint and everything he needed to complete the project was there. I would try another kit without hesitation.”  - Margaret (Mom of Daniel 6 yrs.)

Budding Monets 7-12
Venetian Mask Making

Sandpaper Tees

 “I liked making my mask, it’s a little messy, but really fun! I painted mine purple and there were lots of things to decorate it with. I didn’t want to wait while the glue dried, I wanted to wear it.”  - Katherine 9 yrs.

 “I made mine really well. It turned out great. I put lots of crayon on the sandpaper so lots ironed on to my T-shirt. The red colour did not work as well as the others but still it’s good. I wear it lots.”   - Billy 10 yrs.

 “I made a full mask like a Japanese warrior. I painted it red and black. I left the eyes open so I could wear it. It was fun. I let it dry and now it’s hanging on my wall.” - Steven 9 yrs.
 “Billy is pretty particular about her work and she was unsure of this project but wanted to try it. She followed the instructions and I helped her iron the crayon on. She really enjoyed creating her own design. Thanks Pip & Vix.”  - Andrea (Mom of Billy 10 yrs.) 

Aspiring Van Goghs 13+ yrs 

Silk Hoop Painting 

Impressionistic Painting

  “Oh my gosh, this is really cool! The ink spreads, then stops at the white line (resist line). You can layer the inks and put salt on top. Draw big it’s easier. I gave mine to my Auntie as a gift. I would use Pip & Vix Kits again.” - Amy 14 yrs.   
“I liked doing this painting, but it took some time. I learned about Impressionism and then made my own painting. I didn’t use the pictures in the box, I had other ideas. I like being creative so it wasn’t hard. I would tell people to try Pip & Vix.” -  Evangeline 15 yrs.